My Blogs

Crazyfairlady - “Dark” blog. Either dark photos or black & white.
GTRzilla - Nice quality photos of the Datsun/Nissan GT-R. New and late models. (Minus the 80’s.. I don’t think anyone will mind.)
FYzcar (Fuckyeahzcar) - Another car blog, This time on the Z series from Datsun/Nissan. (Again, minus the 80’s…)
Shqopë - I’m not really sure how to explain this one is words.. but it’s more of todays trends of photos. Soft photos of home decor, hair, fashion, cute animals, flowers.. basically a “girlier” version of my main blog, or opposite of crazyfairlady.
SKiB - “Geek-ish” blog… gaming, comics, sci-fi, fantasy.. I don’t know. 
HerfaDerf - Humor blog. Things that may make you laugh for long periods of time or just pee your pants.