• Me: I'm going to start working out.
  • Me: *In gym clothes playing video games*
  • Me: Close enough.

i’m not twenty-one anymore… :[

i’ll miss you..

I can’t let myself believe you’re really gone yet.. it’s going to take awhile. I know we didn’t talk in the last couple of years, but honestly I thought about you all the time. Not that I still had feelings for you, but I missed our friendship. Too many things remind me of you, and it doesn’t help that I still wear your belt. I wear it almost everyday and have been since I was given it. I couldn’t listen to certain songs that reminded me of the pass.. but I’m able to now and it doesn’t sadden me anymore. I still have the 240z.. haven’t really touched it since you gave it to me.. but now I want to finish it more than ever and delicate to you. Granted our relationship was full of lies and cheating, I miss it. You opened me up and I thank you for that. I wouldn’t be who I am today without meeting you. Exploring with you, learning from you, just hanging around you was my favorite memories of the early years of high school. You were my first serious boyfriend and I gave a part of me to you that no one else can ever have. Though, I regret the reason.. I don’t regret it with you. I thought after we broke up and when I finally got over you, that you would never make me cry again, but I was wrong… lol… I’m not good with goodbyes, and this really isn’t goodbye because we’ll see each other again.. rest in peace DJB.

I feel so selfish, but I can’t help it. Everything about this place annoys the fuck out of me and I never have alone time. I’m not use to living with a lot of people all having to share one thing. I appreciate not having to pay rent, and I feel bad for not helping around the house. I know I should. I’m never in a good mood anymore when I’m here. I miss having MY space.. I wish I could afford living on my own. God, I wish I could.

  • Boyfriend: I just wanted a kiss.
  • Me: You know what a kiss leads to...
  • Boyfriend: It doesn't lead to shit with you.